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About the Foundation

The Nelson T. Gant Foundation

is a 501c3 non-profit organization established in 2001 for the purpose of restoring the Gant house and to revive the legacy of Nelson T. Gant for the building of character and community / cultural pride. Its purpose is to develop the Nelson T. Gant house into an historical, educational, cultural and charitable facility.

Board Officers
Todd E. Ware, M. Ed., B.S.(Pan African Studies): President
: Vice–President
Wanda Morgan: Secretary
Patsy McDonald: Treasurer
Michael Morgan: Parliamentarian

Board Members

Misty Cromwell

Elizabeth Curtis

Anita P. Jackson, Ph.D.

Jerry D. Jackson

Michael Jackson

Brenda Kelley

Connie A. Norman

Michael Willett

Leah Penn

Rachel Parker

James Sowers

Justin Wyatt

Board Meetings
The board of Directors meet on the second Saturday of each month at the Gant house at 11:00 a.m.

Nelson T. Gant Foundation membership is open and welcome to all through volunteer participation or donation.

For more, click the CONTACT tab.


Our Heritage


Knowing where we have been helps prepare us for where we can go. The Gant Home is a beacon of hope for a new generation. At a time when a slave pulled himself up from servitude to leadership, his foot prints through time have created a path toward success. This home represents the true meaning of freedom. The refusal to allow any person, place or corrupt idea to stand in the way of a person with a dream.


Our Staff


Our staff is completely composed of

volunteers like you!

Facility tours, facilitating meetings and the beautification of the Gant House, is all done through the friends and members of the

Nelson T. Gant Foundation.

Join us in our quest to keep our community history alive.

The Nelson T. Gant Home


1845 West Main Street

P.O. Box 3183

Zanesville, Ohio 43701


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