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Gant Museum Freedom Walkway Memorial

The Nelson T. Gant Foundation in conjunction with Mr. Alan Cottrill Sculpture Studio of Zanesville, Ohio has agreed to sculpt a seven-foot-tall bronze statue of Nelson T. Gant. The seven-foot bronze statue of Mr. Gant will be placed toward the front of the property, approximately five (5) feet from the front porch.


The brick walkway will consist of bricks leading up to the statue and bricks placed around the statue, as seen in the illustration above. The bricks in this walkway will be engraved to recognize and honor personal, family, and business entities and will become a permanent structure at the Gant Museum.


The Nelson T. Gant story reflects African American heritage, culture, dedication, and faith, as well, as the significance and importance of the power of freedom and what can be done for individuals and communities when freedom prevails. We hope this memorial will serve as an inspiration to honor our freedoms.

Please purchase a brick to show your support of the Nelson T. Gant house and museum.

1 Brick (Personal, Family, or Business) - $250

Each brick is 4 x 8 inches

Send check and brick information to:

1845 West Main Street

 Zanesville, OH 43701


Make payment through Venmo app and send brick information to Venmo: @Nelsontgantfoundation

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Total Cost of the Memorial: $107,225.00

In effort to fund the Gant Museum Freedom Walkway Memorial the Nelson T. Gant Foundation will be selling engraved bricks, which will be used in the construction of the walk.


The bricks will be four (4) inch by eight (8) inch paver bricks ,tan in color, and engraved in black lettering. The walkway will be 14 feet wide and 12 feet long. Nelson T. Gant’s seven-foot-tall bronze statue will be placed in the middle of this walkway. In addition, there will be a seating wall at the rear. Each engraved brick on the “Freedom Walkway” will show your support of the Gant House and a reminder of the challenging path to freedom from slavery.

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For more information check out attached brochure:

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